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Shaynna Blaze - Lifestyle and Interior Design Expert and judge on Channel 9- The Block
Just discovered this one and find them perfect for the modern casual indoor/outdoor living. These great pieces are an incredibly comfy version of a beanbag (without the beans) and when its time to sleep you zip them out and they turn into the most luxurious  'glamping' bag you will ever lay on.

Trish Sara- decorators catalogue.
Here's another brilliant idea which I first featured in my blog three years ago. I picked Bag 2 Bed as a winner and indeed it is. I love being right..

Janine Allis Founder/ Director Boost Juice Bars
Products are great, and they take a huge battering. Good luck with your business.

John Sydney
They have been a major hit. First as beds (as we had the in- laws here over Christmas from LA and needed somewhere to put 'em) and regularly as the preferred place from which to lounge around in the TV room. The couch hardly gets a workout any more, the Bag2Bed is the place to be at. Oh, and that's from the 13 yr.old (youngest daughter) to the 48 yr. old (me)!Since Christmas there has been a bit of sleep over action with my daughter and the B2B's get dragged into her room and used to sleep the assembled crew. They love them. It's a great product, congratulations!

G Myers
Love it!!! Your Bag2Bed is fantastic!!

K Easton
Family are loving the new bag2bed & so happy with the colour.

M Bowden
We love our new Bag2Bed- thanks for all your help- your customer service is exceptional!

K Morina
Just wanted to send you a photo of my daughter's favourite place to sleep.... It\'s the only place she will sleep more than 10mins during the day (except on us)- on the Bag2Bed. Thank you!

Felicity- Western Australia
I just wanted to let you know our Bag2Bed arrived safely and has been unpacked successfully. It is fantastic - we are really happy with it. It is a great addition to my 12 year old son's bedroom for when he has friends over, just for lounging on, and will be big enough for him to use in years to come as a teenager. Thanks for all your help.

David Doyle- Tasmania
Order has arrived in good order. Fantastic product thank you.

Kerrie Munro- Victoria
Received the delivery. Big hit at the office. Thank you. They look great.

Angela Galloway
Late last year I purchased some of your fabulous 'Bag2Beds' .. which I am absolutely loving.

E. Masters
Just wanted to let you know the bags got here safe and sound so thank you for that. We opened one up and the kids are loving it already! Happy to provide reference re product quality and customer service if you ever need!

K. Hart
Best sleep over beds ever! We use them as bean bags (that don’t make the bean bag squishy noise) during the day and they transform into super comfortable beds at night! WE LOVE THEM!